Travis + Stephanie = Travanie

(cheesy – just like our Wisconsin roots)

We are a Midwest couple with a passion for travel, adventure and nature. We live an active lifestyle filled with camping, hiking, climbing, mountain biking and anything that we can do in the great outdoors. We travel cheaply by trading comforts for experiences and prioritizing our time and resources on opportunities that matter most to us.

From Europe to Asia & countless road trips around the United States, we have gained experience in many different travel styles – finding budget, nature-centric trips to be our favorite. Wherever we go, we wander off the beaten path, seek out unique experiences, and focus on immersing ourselves in a destination.

Travanie Travels serves as a resource for travelers who value different experiences & want to get outside while also exploring the world. We want to help and inspire our like-minded followers to have similar adventures by sharing our personal travel stories as well as destination guides, tips, and recommendations.

Explore our stories and please reach out with any questions or comments!